Threats to democracy

Onsdag 22. juni 2022 kl. 17.00
Humanity in Action Denmark and Johan Borups Højskole invite you to a presentation by, and conversation with, Clement Kjersgaard. Kjersgaard will address some of the biggest challenges to democracy in the world today.
TV Anchor, Editor, and Public Speaker Clement Kjersgaard holds a MA in Philosophy, Politics, and economics from the University of Oxford. He is a TV anchor at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, where he hosts the TV shows Debatten and Vi ses hos Clement and is used for a variety of other political news programs. In 2002, he founded the independent non-profit magazine Ræson which covers Danish and international politics through their website, magazine, books, and events. Kjersgaard works both as a moderator and speaker where he covers different national and international topics. He has been listed as Denmark’s most powerful journalist (2011), has won a number of prizes such as Publicistprisen and Den Berlingske Fonds Journalist Pris, and last year he was nominated for Best European Journalist of the Year at the Prix Europe Festival.
ENTRANCE: The event is free, and you will need to sign up
The talk will be held in English*